Judges for the Cannes Screenplay Contest are all current, working film industry professionals with expertise in script evaluation. Most importantly, they are dedicated to helping discover and recognize new and deserving talent.


All judging is conducted anonymously; no judge will identify any script with any individual contestant during the script evaluation process. Scripts are assigned a unique identifying number and judging results will be recorded based on this number. Each script receives a combined score by the judges and the total score from all judges will determine advancement in the contest.

Judges are assigned categories based on their genre of expertise and experience. Each category will be judged with understanding and respect for the particular art-form and audience it represents.


Scripts will be given a numeric score of 1 to 10 based on each of ten precise criteria:

  • Concept
    What is the hook? What new ideas does it present the reader?
  • Plot
    Does the story make sense? Do the actions and events work coherently?
  • Structure
    Is the script soundly structured with appropriate act breaks, scene transitions and story progression?
  • Format
    Does the script demonstrate proper script elements such as correct action, character and dialogue placements and direction?
  • Characters
    Are they original, each with a unique voice and presence? Are they complex and believable in their actions and motivations?
  • Dialogue
    Do the characters’ words enhance their actions and bring memorable moments of perfect discourse? Does the dialogue make the characters come to life on the page?
  • Pacing
    Do the scenes and plot flow and balance the acts? Does the script read naturally from scene to scene and keep the momentum going?
  • Theme
    Is the script relevant to its genre or to some greater idea or concept? How is this theme expressed through story and character?
  • Commercial Appeal
    Will the story have an audience? Will it make money? Can it work as a real film requiring some level of investment and studio backing?
  • Brilliance
    Other elements aside, is the script undeniably genius in its execution and boldness in style? Is it unique among all others in creating that perfect image of the film in the judge’s mind?

Judges will individually determine the merit of each script based on these criteria in a manner they most see fit.

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